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Nicki Straza

Certified Flourishing Coach

Nicki's passion and energy are contagious as she brings over 20 years of Leadership training and coaching to the table. She loves to customize training, workshops, and programs to empower and strengthen resilience and connection in teams and individuals. Her own journey working in the mental health field as deepened her understanding of the varied needs of people and has helped to shape her focus on personal leadership. 

"You can't give, what you do not have"  and "In order to lead others, you must first lead yourself" are hallmarks of her training as she works to help people discover how to nurture agency, power, and change in their own lives.

She believes in learning through experience and sharpening skills through developing awareness, critical thinking skills, and intentional decisions. She is a program developer, Author, writer, and motivational speaker who seeks to empower and inspire leaders and teams to own their future and become the greatest versions of themselves.

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Flourishing is an Inside Job!

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Brantford, Ontario

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”

Bonus Assets:
  • Seasoned Facilitator & Trainer

  • Lead Trainer - Lead Young Training Systems

  • R2: Resilience Training with Dr. Michael Ungar

  • Suicide Prevention ASIST & ASK

  • First Aid Certified

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