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Developing Cognitive, Emotional and Social Skills
to support Healthy Classroom Culture

Interactive Workshops:

These interactive workshops are led by Nicki Straza and backed by research on social-emotional learning.

Nicki will join your class for one 50-minute class period a week for 8 weeks and facilitate experiential learning activities to:

  • empower student self-efficacy

  • increase emotion and behaviour regulation

  • cultivate healthy relationships and social skills

  • contribute to kinder communities

  • decrease bullying behaviours

These workshops are in partnership with Dr. Danielle Law, Associate Professor at Wilfrid Laurier University.

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Copyright 2022 Nicki Straza

We are looking for schools & classrooms to test these workshops!

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Workshops for Teachers

These workshops are designed for teachers, leaders, and volunteers who want a flourishing culture in their classrooms. These workshops build the capacity to develop young leaders by understanding how to nurture critical thinking, experiential learning, and a healthy self-image.

Raising Young Leaders: In this highly interactive workshop, we explore critical components of young leader development including the value of experiential learning, now to nurture critical thinking, and the difference between coaching and teaching. Duration 1 Hour.

Nurturing a Culture of Kindness: Culture eats strategy for breakfast according to Peter Drucker. How do you create a culture where kindness is king? This workshop is for teachers, leaders, and volunteers who work in classroom settings with children. Explore practical ways to curate kindness, shift culture and empower young people to make a difference. Duration 1 Hour.

Coaching vs Teaching: There is a distinct difference, and teachers who learn the fine art of coaching can impact the self-esteem, confidence, and competency of their students in powerful ways. Learn the connection between self-esteem and competency. Identify meaningful ways to help children accept personal responsibility without demands or consequences. Duration 2 Hours

Ins & Outs of Healthy Classrooms: Mental well-being can no longer be treated in a silo. Holistic wellness is something we can support in the classroom in many simple but powerful ways. This workshop connects powerful insights of well-being with an abundance of practical tools you can start using today. Duration 1 Hour

Microskills Training for Teachers: Pay Attention! A simple request, but the real question for most students is HOW? Often the resilience skills we need as adults are built on many small skills that we should be developing in our childhood. Thought management, connecting to our personal sense of agency and power, understanding how to regulate our energy, time, and attention. Explore the power of these Microskills and how to use them in the classroom to support holistic wellness and resilience!​

Mind & Body Intentions: The mind, emotions, and our physiology all work together as integrated systems. When we are dysregulated, it affects us in all of these areas.  Mind & Body Intentions workshops give teachers tools to support transitions and emotional and physical regulation in themselves and their students. Small customizable activities that only take 1-3 minutes to execute in the classroom but support normalizing regulation and resilience and well-being strategies

Learning to Flourishing begins in childhood! Support your leaders and volunteers in creating fun, vibrant and healthy culture with these workshops.


Empowering Missionally Minded Kids: Teaching and empowering are two different tactics. Discover how to create an environment that empowers kids to live missionally not just do missional acts. Discover keys to connecting kids to real relationship with God and understanding his design and purpose for them to serve a lost world. Duration 1 Hour.


Object Lessons: Object lessons are a powerful way to bring an abstract concept into clarity for concrete thinkers. In this workshop you will learn a powerful but simple technique to turn any object into a sermon, or find an object lesson for any topic. This workshops supports leaders, teachers and volunteers in children’s ministry as well as educators who like to use this type of content. Duration 1 Hour.

Kindness as an Evangelism Strategy: Kindness is a powerful door to conversation, to relationship and to change. Children are uniquely positioned to participate in kindness. This workshops guides you as you teach them how to create and use these opportunities to build connection, share the gospel and make a difference.This workshops supports leaders, teachers and volunteers in children’s ministry. Duration 1 Hour.

Helping Kids Encounter God: What does it look like to make prayer practical, meaningful and engaging for kids? Join us for a workshop and a brainstorming session as we spend time with God exploring ways to help kids (and us) have meaningful encounters with God! This will be an experiential and practical workshop with ideas you can implement immediately! This workshops supports leaders, teachers and volunteers in children’s ministry. Duration 1 Hour.


Empowering Kids in a Hostile World: Identity is under attack. How do you empower kids to hold strong to who God says they are and give generously to a world in desperate need of love. Explore keys to teaching your children and youth how to live their faith from the inside out. This workshops supports leaders, teachers and volunteers in children’s ministry. Duration 1 Hour.


Creative Teaching Techniques: Storytelling, object lessons, theatre and games are effective teaching tools that can be tons of fun while landing a solid teaching point.  Explore creative ways to add this into any lesson and make learning fun again! This workshops supports leaders, teachers and volunteers in children’s ministry as well as educators who like to use this type of content. Duration 1 Hour.


Out of Kids Ministry, now What?: Helping your kids and youth transition into the next phase of their development in your ministry is a significant variable many overlook in our ministry structure. Learn the value of transitions planned well along with practical tools for keep your kids engaged with God and with church as they age. This workshops supports leaders, teachers and volunteers in children’s and pre-teen ministry. Duration 1 Hour.


Helping Kids with Mental Health Challenges: Mental health challenges are universal. Everyone, including Christians are touched by them, but often we are not equipped to deal with them in practical and helpful way. Learn key strategies for supporting your children and youth that are well aligned with scriptural principles and truth. This workshops supports leaders, teachers and volunteers in children’s, pre-teen, and youth ministry. Duration 1 Hour.


Working from Rest: We cannot give from an empty cup. As leaders so often we make the mistake of giving until we are dry and fail to care for our own body and soul’s so that we have longevity in the work we do. What does it mean to work from a place of rest and how do you take steps to creating space for true restorative rest in your life. This workshop is for leaders in ministry. Duration 1 Hour.

Connection before Content: If you want to have impact with children, youth or adults you need to have a connection. Content goes in one ear and out the other without the relational context. In this workshop we explore key principles for establishing connection before content and look at the cost of doing it backwards. This workshop is for ministry leaders. Duration 1 Hour.

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