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Culture is an Inside Job

Flourishing culture is a bi-product of flourishing leaders. When we develop skills for our own personal flourishing, we begin to live and model boundaries, trust, effective communication, and connection. These are some of the bedrocks of healthy workplace culture.

Consider this:

As we grow in authentic communication that includes humility, vulnerability, and curiosity, others around us begin to see us less arrogant, more open, less judgmental and increasingly more safe.

As we grow in boundaries for own work/life balance, this gives those we work with permission to do the same. If we SAY that we value self-care, but model always being available, the message gets mixed up and those we lead will not be able to trust what we say.

As we grow in our own security and confidence that includes asking questions before getting upset, seeking to understand, and knowing our own values. Others begin to recognize the eggshells around us disappear and are invited to collaborate in making your organization thrive as partners, rather than subordinates.

As we grow in our ability to trust others and believe the best about them, we will see greater productivity, growing profits, and more resilient staff.

What area of your own life could use a tune-up?


  • What are of your own life could use some nurturing?

  • Boundaries

  • Communication

  • Rest & Self-Care

One or two sessions with a certified flourishing coach could change your trajectory and directly impact your own life as well as your department or business.

Consider booking a free 30 minute discovery call today as your next step!

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